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Best Pals, with 20 years of experience, offers a professional and calm environment, with quality grooming being a key focus. The most important aspect of animal care is your dog’s welfare and happiness, which is always my highest priority. This is why the environment in which they are groomed is stress-free, due to there being no more than 4 dogs present at a time and there being absolutely no cages. 


When you drop your pal off, a typical full groom consists of: 

  • Brushing & removal of undercoat

  • De-matting (if necessary) 

  • Clipping of hair 

  • Bathing with specific shampoo and conditioner for your pal's coat and colour 

  • Blow-drying (various drying equipment used depending on your pal's coat) 

  • Nail clipping including dew-claws  

  • Ear cleaning and ear hair removal for dogs with narrow ear canals 

  • Coat conditioning spray (various scent options) 

During your 'best pals' grooming experience we always make sure to fully check them over, looking for any abnormalities whether that be lumps, injuries, or insects. We have previously noticed injuries varying from grass seeds in between toes to foreign objects embedded in the skin. If we do find anything out of the ordinary we will always inform you so that you can seek veterinary advice if necessary. 

My personal recommendation coming from experience is for your dog to be groomed (including brushing, clipping, and bathing) every 6-8 weeks, leaving your pet’s coat clean, tidy, manageable, and importantly matt-free!  

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